Although I embrace the togetherness and connectability generated by social media, I’m not someone who bares their soul (or their ass) on Facebook, or anywhere else in public for that matter. But I do appreciate the opportunity to maintain global friendships and the camaraderie that might otherwise have foundered with time and distance.

This blog was originally kick-started prompted by requests from friends wishing to track our journey from Canada’s West Coast to Lake Chapala, Mexico, so, reinventing myself as a blogger following years of journalism provided the most efficient method of communicating with family, friends, colleagues and ships that pass in the night in various corners of the world.

As the majority of you know, after two ‘warm’ years south of the border, and 12 months in Nova Scotia during the Covid crisis, we’re now back in Calgary, our first home town in Canada as new immigrants 25 years ago, from where my blog will continue. Not exactly picking up where I left off as a lot of swift-running water has flowed under this particular bridge, but with new foci, so you’re invited to join me on more intriguing journeys that will encompass a wide variety of topics.