An opening salvo…

Well, it’s been a while. Three-and-a-half years to be exact since my last blog. Sometimes you just run out of things to say, or lives are being reinvented or renovated and writing takes a back seat. In my case I’ll simply say ‘I was taking a break’.

I’ve always been of the opinion that a reader needs to be inspired, educated, or entertained, which is what I hope and plan to achieve by breathing new life into my blogs, or maybe even vlogs! They may or may not be subject specific, but will always be written with passion and enthusiasm. In other words, hobbies or topics I feel strongly about and believe I can write with some level of knowledge or expertise.

In some ways you might call this my own, personal Facebook/Meta page, but with only a coupla thousand rather than a few trillion views. But who knows…?

A rundown of anticipated topics – and definitely not an all-encompassing or comprehensive list: baking/cooking, dogs, skiing, hiking, jigsaw puzzles, trips, apartment loving (Freudian slip – should have written ‘living’), and last but not least… pickleball. The latter has, in fact, become so much part of our lives, that it warrants it own tag, especially as there may be readers for who pickleball is the only blog interest.

I should also point out, somewhat proudly, that I typically still use OED for writing style in the main, although I occasionally adapt due to personal preferences: i.e. program, in lieu of programme. As a professional wordsmith it drives me crazy that even the legendary BBC seems to have pushed, if not dropped their grammatical boundaries altogether in recent years, to the point where the correct use of ‘who’ and/or ‘whom’ are no longer recognized. (Okay – see what I mean: recognize vs. recognise.) I also have friends who are far superior in written English language skills and have completed professional editing exams, so I’ll rely on them to point out any errors in my ways.


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