Wot ya’ll doin’ in Tennessee

It’s been a day of roadworks, with a long delay through Nashville that kept us short of our destination hotel in Knoxville – but no reservation to worry about so slipped into a dog-friendly Quality Inn in Crosseville. It seems that every other town east of Nashville is a ‘ville’ of some name or another, and assume there is some perverse pattern to it that we haven’t yet figured out. Que sera! After all, we’all are only passing through.

Slow going on the road at least gave us the opportunity to admire mile after mile of crape myrtle and dogwood in full bloom along the carriageway – so Texas wildflowers yesterday, Tennessee trees today. Tomorrow we hit the Appalachian Trail so undoubtedly more flora will present itself for comment.

Sadly, today, not one Starbucks, although we did stop at what must have been the world’s biggest Walmart. No end to the daily excitement!!! Now, I confess that I’m not a fan of Walmart – no siree! But, we decided some rolls and cheese would go down well for lunch. But, although there was an in-store bakery, everything was pre-packaged (in plastic, of course). I also needed a bottle of deodorizing enzyme spray as Pip, our English springer spaniel, now 12 years old, is suffering from the same aging condition as many of us – urinary retention. So, she pees when she’s taken for a walk, then five minutes later dribbles!!! However, I refuse to force her to suffer diaper indignity by making her wear doggie Depends. Do we care that the dog beds where they both travel just behind our seats are starting to smell a little strange. Do we heck! We thought about using the guest laundry in the hotel, but the embarrassment of clogging the washer with dog hair would have been too much to bear, so onward with slightly smelly dog beds, although hopefully less so after their overnight enzyme dousing.

All in all, an uneventful day, for which we are grateful as we’re both feeling the effects of the past weeks in selling our house (which had more than its fair share of frustrations and challenges), the sudden departure and, finally, the realization that we’re on our way ‘home’.

Of course, leaving Ajijic was also bittersweet as we have left behind so many friends who have become like family…. But, far too many people to mention, and the fear that I’ll miss someone’s name.

I promise I’ll try harder with posting more photos in the coming days but, in the meantime, I’m leaving this blog short and sweet so I can finally crash and wake with renewed energy for the days ahead.

Hasta mañana or, as French Canadians would say, à demain.



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  1. Wow, you are really moving along those highways! So happy we got to see you both in Ajijic. Congratulations on your house sale. Safe travels. Looking forward to seeing where you end up in NS. 😀

  2. Lovely to hear all about your adventures, Jean. On a sad note, I had to make a difficult decision today and put down my Westie, Koko. 14.5 yrs old, the last 6 of which with diabetes (among other complications) and insulin injections twice a day. Poor baby. I will miss him but feel happier to know that he is no longer in any pain or discomfort.
    Safe travels for the rest of your trip.

    1. Oh Mary! We were so sorry to hear about Koko – been there, done that, so feel your pain right now. But, part of being a responsible dog owner is knowing when to make the right decision on their behalf. Koko was lucky to have you as her mom, and giving you her love for so many years. I’m making a special effort to keep in touch with all our LLT friends and family, so it’s ‘au revoir’ rather than ‘goodbye’. Love Jean xx

  3. I envy you seeing the dogwoods. Any redbuds? I must admit that springtime is the season I miss the most. Yes we have the jacarandas bot just nit the same. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Nova Scotia. I just may have to plan a t to that part of the world. Love to you both R

    1. Yes, redbuds, cape myrtle, all lining the interstate highways… And, I’d forgotten how clean everything is north of the border. No plastic bags growing on trees and hedgerows, or blowing everywhere. I hope you do make the trip Ruth, out door will always be open. Love Jean

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